Monday, 12 July 2010

St Mary's Summer Siesta

Yet again my blog has been pushed to the far reaches of my capabilities over the past month. As more and more people ask if I am 'enjoying my Summer holiday' the more work I seemed to have. Moving from marking all the students work, to planning for next year almost immediately. However, the excitement is huge and I think this coming year is going to be a good one!

The university is an odd place without the students. After the students leave, there is a slow drip of students knowcking on the door, and phones ringing occassionally, but it's not long before the ebb stops and we are left here alone. It is then that we can take just a tiny time to look back and feel happy and proud of what we've done. But this is short lived as we run straight into a Summer of planning, researching and consolidating.

It feels right that we're now moving into our three year new degree programme. The students who came out of the old degree are by no means behind, but to see the full three years in situ will be fascinating. My year is production heavy, with lots of really creative projects to get my teeth into, as well as fashion fantastic learning opportunities out of. Political Cabaret, Acting Showcases, Theatre Arts shows, as well as music composition, singing and continued Vocal development.

And how do I feel at the end of my first year here?? Knackered, frankly and more than a little overwhelmed. But safe in the knowledge I am in the right place and I made the right decision for me and Ben a year ago.

The only problem is the heat. I'd trade all this in for a few months of rain!!!