Thursday, 16 May 2013

A sleep is as good as a rest - Amawus School - Tuesday - Part 1

Well, today is much more positive. Over dinner the group did so much planning to try and get ready for today. There was much conversation about whether we should do the same things - but I was really impressed by how proactive everyone was. The other group from the other school were just the same, discussing their sessions late into the night and very early this morning. There's a real sense that they want to get this right, to really be valuable while we are here. 

It would be easy to sit back and just observe - the learners love having us here, as do the teachers so we could rest on our laurels. But it is amazing how quickly you connect to these pupils and want the best for them. 

Today I started by observing a lesson with Sarah. Observation quickly turned into teaching and Sarah was very good at working with the students at their level. As we moved into teaching metre, centimetre and millimetre my 30 year old brain was starting to show. The teacher was impressed, although worried when Katy said we don't have kilometres in England and tend to use miles in travel, she quickly realised we would try our best. 

Over in the reception class Sophie L, Emilie and Holly watched some class before helping them with their writing and spelling. The teacher was very impressed by how Sophie used 'join the dots' to help them write their own names - 'This is a great strategy' she said, 'I will use this always'.

Today we were given even more freedom, and although the group seemed a little smaller than normal we were managing the work much mor easily. The balance of students to learners seemed to be working really well. 

So, a really great start and we're hoping to do more Drama today too with some of the older groups who seem really interested in taking part. 

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