Thursday, 16 May 2013

And so it begins........

Today has been a long day. Our flight which left London Heathrow at 9pm on Friday evening arrived in Johannesburg at 9.30 am local time (8.30am London time). From there we caught a turbulence filled, vomit enduring connection to Durban. The last leg was the hour long journey from Durban to our first hotel, the Sea Fever Lodge. 

The day started out really well - everyone in gat spirits. A mixture of excitement and trepidation as well as a smattering of more domestic problems - 'did you bring baby wipes?', 'can I bring my water bottle with me?', 'did anyone buy Heat magazine?'. It's amazing how quickly you remember your own first long haul flights and the seemingly endless protocols and troubles. However, we dealt with it well, Les Miserables was available on the flight as we'd all hoped and everyone made their own way towards coping with such a long time on board. Some sleeping, most eating and everyone chatting. 

As we came into Johannesburg airport it was difficult to envisage we were now in South Africa - most airports look the same from the inside. A newsagents is still a newsagents, whatever it's called. A mixture of tiredness and intrigue about where we were meant the following flight passed much quieter. A bit of turbulence lead to a vomit attack (mine) a pale and concerned face (Tom) and lots of spilt drinks (pretty much everyone).

As we came into Durban airport and into our 'carriages' - 2 10 seater buses with notional padding, the rainy scene outside felt even more like home. 

Green hills whizz repast as rain hit the window. Only small glimpses of small huts and brightly coloured out building reminded us not everything was familiar. Every so often a veritable 'party bus' screeched past ours with the other 10 dancing to Rhianna at ear bleeding levels. 

As we arrive at the Seafarers we're tired and emotional but happy to have arrived and be safe. This promises to be an exciting few days and everyone is willing to be part of it all. Tonight we meet with Lu to talk about our workshops in the township tomorrow.

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