Thursday, 16 May 2013

'Hair today, gone tomorrow'

Tonight I joined the cool crowd (????????)

After a long day at the schools the Dlamini's front room was transformed into a beauty spa. Caitlin and Rhian were dishing out massages - "you don't event realise you're in pain until they find it' Millie said, menacingly. 

Sarah and Chanika were in full salon mode, plaiting people's hair and talking about their holidays. 

It wasn't long before I joined in and sat for hours and hours in terrible pain as Sarah weaves my hair (disclaimer - this may not have been hours, or with any pain). Obviously I am already super cool, but this new hair gave me the urban 'edge' I'd been craving. As a person who was never girly it was quite nice to have someone brushing my hair and making chit chat. Sarah offered her services for the wedding, I politely declined. 

We also practised our rendition of 'Soon I Will Be Done' as an offering for the performance tomorrow. To be fair, we're sounding pretty good. Mr Dlamini and his wife were filming us singing in their living room - either because they were in awe or they wanted to have a good laugh later on. I like to think the first. 

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.......

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